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Самая плодовитая спортсменка в мире (женщина)

фото Самая плодовитая спортсменка в мире (женщина)

Andrea Hall (UK). Unfortunately we have very few details about this record and we're not sure of the exact number of streaks - all we know for sure was that she was a serial streaker. The Manchester Evening news had this to say in a report: Uncovered - the Tib Street streaker THE MYSTERY woman who has been running naked through Manchester city centre is a fitness fanatic mum of three who says she is streaking for peace. Large crowds have been gathering every Friday on Tib Street to see her nude lunchtime sprints, with many shoppers and shopworkers trying to snatch a picture on their camera phones while laughing at the stunt. Tongues have been wagging about the identity of the streaker, who sports nothing more than a pair of trainers, a scorpion tattoo on her back and a smile. Now the M.E.N. can reveal the naked jogger is Andrea Hall, 29, from Manchester, who decided to go public with her nude exercise regime to lift the nation's spirits and promote Manchester as the city of peace.


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