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А знали ли вы, что:

самый большой в мире, полностью голый пробег

фото самый большой в мире, полностью голый пробег

The largest all nude running race that we have come across is the 2007 Sopelana Beach Race which had 136 all nude entrants. The idea for a nudists race was started in 1999 by a certain Patxi Ros, who wanted to combine his two favourite pastimes into one public event. The Basque Country Naturist Club (ENE) took over the race in 2003 and renamed it the Patxi Ros Trophy. According to the group's website, the purpose of the race is to promote the Naturist way of life and to develop a healthy life style along with Naturism and sports. Also cccording to the website, Rule No. 1 is: Participants by all means are to run in full nudity, and are only allowed to wear a cap or hat on the head, sun glasses, socks and footwear. Any participant not conforming to this rule will immediately be disqualified and asked to leave the race by the organisation members.


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